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How to Choose Your Glass

The glazing is the first layer behind the moulding, it is transparent and is usually made of glass or acrylic. The glaze protects the artwork from dust or physical damage as well as humidity and condensation.

High quality glazing used in conservation framing is thin and is highly transparent to ensure the art is not visually distorted and has UV protection.

Acrylic is similar to glass in its functionality but has the added benefits of much greater durability and lightness. It is almost impossible to crack or break acrylic. On the downside, it scratches easier than glass does and some people believe it does not look as good as glass. A lot of the new acrylics offers optimal clarity and protection.

Variation in glazing offer multiple enhancement options:

Regular Glass

Non-Glare (reflection control)

Conservation Clear

Conservation Reflection Control

UV Reflection Control

UV Acrylic

UV Optimum Acrylic


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