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Matting Enhance and Protect

Mat board is a paper or cotton fiber product placed between the glass and the art work providing a boarder that enhances the image while also creating a space between the art and the glass. Matting may be referred to as a surround or a "passe-partout "

Mating is the most customizable portion of the finished product, but thankfully it can also be one of the least expensive elements.

By customization we are referring to:

Sizing: both the opening and the outer sizes

Colors: hundreds of colors to chose from

Core: pulp core, black core, color core and white core for the inside edge of the bevel

Surface Paper and Applications: include standard pigmented paper, suede, leather, grass cloth and a multitude of other finishes.

Layers: mats can be single,double ore even multiple layers, all of which gives different looks.

Special Designs: mats can be cut in interesting shapes, though the typical rectangular is the most common, other shapes include circles, ovals, and a multiple of unique shapes created on a computerized mat cutting system

Finish: can include the bevel cut, a v-groove cut or embossing and many other configurations often for a minimum charge