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Why Am I Framing this Art, this Photo, this Poster, or My Dads Collectables ?

Every body is telling you you should get it framed and hang it on your wall! Why you ask, firstly it is better than using thumb tacks and something framed just looks a whole lot better. I want you to come to Just Framing to get your art framed because I am good at what I do, frame pictures. I will guide you though the whole framing process from start to finish. It does not have to be complicated some things just need a simple frame, other projects need a whole lot more. I want you to leave Just Framing with something you will be proud to put on your wall or give as a gift. I want you to relive the memories related to that photo, oil, water color, poster or memorabilia and you will. Now we are going to start your journey through the world of Framing. Keep posted for my next blog.

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