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Why You Might Decide to Leave Your Artwork Unframed

If not chosen properly, the frame may distract from the artwork. Your chose may be effected by poor taste or matching home decor.. Framing is not cheap, especially if you choose a good wooden frame for your art.

It is not that easy to find a frame that fits your artwork perfectly. A frame plays an essential role in affecting the perception of a picture or a photo and changes the way viewers interpret the image. The same piece of art in one frame may appear solemn or severe, romantic or wistful in another.

Every frame has a special role - a landscape frame enhances perspective, while a portrait or a still life frame can expand the space. A frame allows you to emphasis a particular color, style, and mood in a picture.

It's so easy to create a complete, perfect image using digital frames! Experiment with different colors, widths, and layers of matting to see how the look changes and pick the one that looks best to you!

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